Welcome to My Portfolio

A statement about my practice

My studio practice is rooted in the multicultural traditions of the glass craft; significantly, the physical nature of glass blowing requires reliance on others to create art successfully. For me, learning and then mastering a variety of glass techniques is where the culture behind the craft comes alive.

My work in the visual arts is rooted in the hot glass studio. My research has developed, over time, into a global practice of interdisciplinary collaboration, social engagement, and cultural exchange. I have learned that there is something in my use of the glassmaking tradition that goes beyond form and function, and enters into the realm of experience, relationships, and communication.

Having collaborated with a myriad of glass artists, I've developed enjoy having a diverse practice and moving fluently between traditional techniques and an experimental approach to the material. I welcome new ideas and innovations in the studio, bringing fun, energy, and an inspiring enthusiasm into the hot shop. 

I've been working with hot glass for almost twenty years, so please, take your time and look around. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and take a moment to drop me a line. Thanks!


Why Not? Finnish American Art Glass.


The ORB Project




Site Specific & Installation


JC Glassmaker