An Ongoing Collaboration with David Covey

The ORB Project

Reinterpreting "The Glass Experience" through Light, Sound, and Dance

Professor David Covey (Ohio State, Department of Dance), dancers at rehearsal for The ORB Project

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“How can I reinterpret the studio processes of the hot shop, and activate the objects we create?"

The routine in the glass studio is what I find most exciting about my practice, and working with hot glass gives life to my experience as an artist. My interest in physical human-object interactions begins here, in the hot glass studio, inherent in the methods is a reliance on others to create work successfully. The collaborative processes in the hot shop create scenarios of physical interaction that are the basis for this ongoing collaboration.

Through a mutual interest in the shared potential of this fact, I immersed my research into collaboration with Professor David Covey (OSU, Department of Dance) to create The ORB Project – an ongoing investigation of process and movement primarily using glass, light, and bodies.

To date, The ORB Project has become an ever-evolving semiabstract performance. It reinterprets the marriage between physical experience and material, which is rooted in craft and fundamental to my glass making processes. Our collaborative performance follows a structured improvisation format informed by the everyday movements of the glass studio and performed through dancers’ interactions (and reactions) to my large-scale blown glass spheres (orbs). By embracing the differences in our understanding and use of the mutual interest of glass, light, and performance, Covey and I hoped to reveal a new approach or interpretation of their relationships.

ORB - As performed as the Capital Theatre, Columbus, OH

Choreography: Dave Covey and Jonathan Capps

in collaboration with dancers
Performed in "Dance Downtown"
November 13 & 14, 2015
Capital Theatre
Columbus, Ohio

ORB - As Performed at The Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH

Choreography: Dave Covey and Jonathan Capps

in collaboration with dancers

Performed in "Off the Wall" 

January 21-23, 2016

Urban Arts Space

Columbus, Ohio