a Self Portrait?


The Last Cavalier was Banished from England, 2019; glass, mixed media, found objects, motor. H 500 cm, W 80 cm, D 60 cm.

texture, and a love of birch

Jonathan Capps Glass Art Fulbright Finland Aalto University Visiting Artist Birch Tree Bark

Birch, 2019. Blown glass, fused glass powder. Demonstration at Aalto University, Department of Design. H 16 cm, W 40 cm, D 16 cm.

prototyping in Finland


Cake Plate-Pink, 2018. Blown glass. First produced in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village. H 19 cm, W 18 cm, D 18 cm.

reflective inquiries

Handblown and mirrored glass - "Reflection Clouds," installation art.

Reflection Clouds, 2016-present; free-blown molded and mirrored glass. Dimensions vary and are dependent on installation parameters.

Our perceptions


Teapot-Time Dilation, 2014; free-blown sculpted cut and polished glass, plate glass, LED lights, cherry wood. H 91 cm, W 25 cm, D 7.5 cm.

"The Last Cavalier was Banished from England"

A Self Portrait?

2019; interactive mixed media sculpture with motion sensors, motors, glass, and light. Images converted into a five second stop motion video.