Incalmo Bowls

Incalmo: Venetian/Italian—to graft, or join two or more bubbles together while still hot to create distinct contrasting bands of color or pattern.

Filigrana: Italian—generic for blown glass made with colored rods (cane) inclusions during the hot process to create distinct patterns of repetitive line work.

My Incalmo Bowls are a series of hand-blown and free-formed glass that take a contemporary approach to the traditional Italian “Incalmo” technique. A solid clear pedestal style foot (often referred to as a “Swedish Foot”) is added on many of them during the hot process.

The patterns in my contemporary glass Incalmo Bowls are inspired by both the contrasting and complimentary color tones I experience in the environment around me. Many of the bowls in this series feature one or more bands of color with “filigrana” or glass “cane” inclusions creating contemporary variations on repetitive line patterns.