Canyon Vases

Trailing or Threading glass: The process of applying trails of glass as decoration on the body, handle, or foot of a vessel. It is done by laying or winding softened threads on a glass object during manufacture

(source – Glass Dictionary, Corning Museum of Glass)

Similar in surface pattern to my Sandstone Bowls, my Canyon Vase series is a body of hand-blown and free-formed glass vases that are also inspired by my travels to the southwestern United States and the dramatic layers of color, pattern, and form one experiences from the exposed geology of the “Navajo Sandstone” native to that region.

Here again, I utilize a contemporary approach to the traditional two-thousand year old Roman technique of “threading” colored glass. The contemporary glass vases in this series are designed with several layers of threaded solid glass color inclusions creating variations on the repetitive geological patterns.

The Canyon Vases give me an opportunity to celebrate the awe inspiring drama  one experiences that is specific to the towering cliffs and undulating canyon walls of Zion National Park in southwestern Utah.